Portrait Audacieux_Florent Colautti

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Portrait Audacieux_Florent Colautti
April 2015

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After studying Architecture and Restoration of ancient heritage, Florent Colautti gets a DEM composition (1st prize). He continues his journey and perfected during various training in France and abroad (Ircam-centrePompidou, Orford Art Center, Imal, Music & Research). He receives a Sacem Prize, 1st prize in the competition “Vacances Percutantes” for percussion quartet, Grants from “Hessen-Aquitaine” and Fondation Genshagen. Selected in competitions “Banc d’essai-InaGRM”, “Mixtur” & “Sirga” festival (Spain), finalist on St Bertrand de Comminges Organ contest.
He has worked with various creation-art center, companies, composers and musicians. His work — from instrumental/acoustic to electronic music through sound installations — has been presented in France and abroad (Spain, Canada, Belgium, USA, Germany, Italie, Maroc) in Festival [ Extension (La muse en circuit), Nuit d'Hiver (GRIM), Futura (Cie Motus), Sonic Odyssey (Los Angeles), In-Sonora (Madrid), Digital Marrakech (Maroc)], in venue [ 104 Paris, Center for New Music (San Francisco), CAPC (Bordeaux), GMVL (Lyon)].
Since 2010, he developed the “e-String” a hybrid, homebuilt electronic/acoustic instrument. To sustain this project, in 2012-2013, he completed a residency through “Arts & Science actions” of SCRIME & Bordeaux University.
He is published on labels: Les Potagers Natures, corps électriques. Edited on Alfonse production andBabelScores.
In 2014, he founded Studio Corps Electriques, whose focused on arts-music-space research and development to allow for multi-sensory experiences around arts and music project.

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